May 19th, 2010

Journal of Maltese History

ISSN 2077-4338

Volume 2, number 1 (2010)


The third issue of the Journal of Maltese History has just been published by the Department of History, the University of Malta. The journal is edited by Dr. John Chircop, supported by a high powered international advisory editorial board.

This issue includes two original papers on Child migration to Australia and Maltese Migration to French Algeria in the Nineteenth Century, followed by a study of the Maltese Fishing communities during the period 1860-1920. One other paper, entitled “Searching for a National Cuisine” investigates the relationship between food and questions of historical identity in Malta.

The Journal of Maltese History is the only fully refereed and peer reviewed journal which provides historians and other scholars with a new space to publish high quality, interdisciplinary research on Maltese history and historiography and to facilitate critical debate on methodological, theoretical and pedagogical issues on the subject.

The Editor of JMH solicits original, high-quality research papers, especially those looking at unstudied aspects of Maltese history. A list of research topics which the Editorial board is looking for can be viewed on our website http://maltesehistoryonline.com.

The journal is now inviting papers for consideration in preparation for the next issue. Submissions should be sent electronically by not later than the end of September 2010 and addressed to:

The Editor, Journal of Maltese History, Department of History, University of Malta.